Using PowerShell to find a database amongst hundreds

As you know, I love PowerShell!

I have developed a series of functions over time which save me time and effort whilst still enabling me to provide a good service to my customers. I also have a very simple GUI which I have set up for my colleagues to enable them to easily answer simple questions quickly and easily which I will blog about later. I call it my PowerShell Box of Tricks

I am going to write a short post about each one over the next few weeks as I write my presentation on the same subject which I will be presenting to SQL User Groups.

Todays question which I often get asked is Which server is that database on?

It isn’t always asked like that. Sometimes it is a developer asking where the database for their UAT/SAT/FAT/Dev environment is. Sometimes it is a manager who requires the information for some documentation or report. I wrote it because whilst I am good, I am not good enough to remember the server location for many hundreds of databases and also because I wanted to enable a new starter to be as self sufficient as possible

When I first wrote this I thought it would be a case of simply using $databaseName.Contains($DatabaseNameSearch) but this did not work for MiXed case searches or DatAbaSe names so I had to convert both the search and the database name to lower case first


I create an empty hash table and then populate it with the results


Set a results variable to the names from the hash table and count the number of records


and call it like this


Note that the search uses the contains method so no need for wildcards

Results come out like this


You can find the code here


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