About Me


My name is Rob. I am a Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVP

I love automation and am a big Powershell evangelist. You can find some of my code on GitHub

I have skills in many areas of Microsoft enterprise products and enjoy solving challenges across the technological stack. I am always keen to automate the drudgery as well as the disaster recovery. I enjoy working in Agile environments.

I am happy to be contacted about short, medium and long-term work engagements. You can contact me via rob’at’sewells-consulting’dot’co’dot’uk for those

I am a member of the SQL South West User Group and assist Jonathan and Annette  and Terry with its running. We meet once a month in Exeter. You can find more details here http://SQLSouthWest.co.uk

I am one of the organisers for SQL Saturday Exeter which we will be running again in 2015. You will see me at SQL events around the UK as an attendee, volunteer or speaker. I am the guy who at the last couple of SQL Bits has been stood at the front of house telling you which way to go 🙂

But heres a picture of me with the Stig (Brent) at SQL Bits
[office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=C802DF42025D5E1F&resid=C802DF42025D5E1F%2171551&authkey=AIiGm3pygyp8Jhg” width=”320″ height=”180″]

Outside of work I play league cricket for Bridgetown (in Exmoor not Barbados!) I am a canny old bowler these days, bowling off two paces and still taking many wickets and a mid-order batsman using more brawn than silky technique.

The Beard – Everyone sees it first. I guess it is noticeable. I have had a beard for many years, more than I care to remember but started to let it grow about 8 years ago.

I dont know how long it takes to grow this long, its been a gradual process

I trim it a couple or three times a year

Yes food (and beer) gets caught in it

Of course. I use shampoo and occasionally conditioner

Yes. Everyone thinks that stroking/touching it without asking is fine. Just ask first, then it’s fine.

You can find me on Twitter @sqldbawithbeard (No A !!)

Finally, These are my own views and do not represent any company I have worked for or work for. It is your responsibility to test every script and process before you run it on your own environment. I cannot be held responsibility for anything you choose to do in your environment, so test everything even anything I mention

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