Running Jupyter Notebooks as Agent Jobs

Azure Data Studio is a great tool for connecting with your data platform whether it is in Azure or on your hardware. Jupyter Notebooks are fantastic, you can have words, pictures, code and code results all saved in one document. I have created a repository in my Github where I have stored a number […]

Use Jupyter Notebooks to Help People on StackOverFlow

I am sat in the PowerShell Saturday in Hamburg. You can see me on the right of this picture writing my previous blog post! I was talking with my friend Mathias Jessen @IISResetMe on Twitter about notebooks and he said that another great use case was to use them on Stack OverFlow Now Mathias is […]

.NET PowerShell Notebooks – Using Pester

My last post had a lot of information about the new .NET PowerShell notebooks including installation instructions. .NET Notebooks are Jupyter Notebooks that use .NET core to enable C#, F# and PowerShell kernels. Use Cases One of the main benefits that I see for Jupyter Notebooks for Ops folk is that the results of the […]

New .NET Notebooks are here – PowerShell 7 notebooks are here.

Data Science folk used Notebooks for documentation and to show re-runnable research. Azure Data Studio included this notebook functionality and added SQL kernel where with a little bit of faffing you could run PowerShell and then a Python kernel that enabled PowerShell. It seems that notebooks are so cool that everyone is creating them these […]

Dynamically Creating Azure Data Studio Notebooks with PowerShell for an Incident Response Index Notebook

Now that Azure Data Studio has PowerShell Notebooks and there is a PowerShell Module for creating notebooks. I have been asked, more than once, what is the point? What is the use case? How does this help. I hope that this post will spark some ideas of one particular use-case. I showed my silly example […]

Create Azure Data Studio SQL Notebooks with PowerShell

At PASS Summit today I gave a presentation about SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio for the DBA. I demo’d the PowerShell module ADSSQLNotebook. which you can also find on GitHub (where I will be glad to take PR’s to improve it 🙂 ) This module has 3 functions This module contains only 3 commands […]

PowerShell Notebooks in Azure Data Studio

The latest release of the insiders edition of Azure Data Studio brings the first edition of PowerShell Notebooks! You can download the latest insiders edition from the link above, it can be installed alongside the stable release. To access many of the commands available use F1 to open the command palette (like many of my […]

PowerShell in SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio

I have done a lot of writing in the last few months but you see no blog posts! My wonderful friend Chrissy and I are writing “dbatools in a Month of Lunches” to be published by Manning. That has taken up a lot of my writing mojo. We have hit a little break whilst we […]

#tsql2sday #130 – Automate your stress away – Getting more SSIS Agent Job information

Automation T-SQL Tuesday was started by Adam Machanic (blog|twitter) is hosted by a different person each month. The host selects the theme, and then the blogging begins. worldwide, on the second Tuesday of the month (all day, based on GMT time), bloggers attend this party by blogging about the theme. This month it is hosted […]

Using Secret Management module to run SSMS, VS Code and Azure Data Studio as another user

Following on from my last post about the Secret Management module. I was asked another question. > Can I use this to run applications as my admin account? A user with a beard It is good practice to not log into your work station with an account with admin privileges. In many shops, you will […]