A PowerShell Conference In A Book

A Question

Shortly after the European PowerShell Conference and the PowerShell and Devops 2018 summit in the USA Mike Robbins b | t contacted me with a question.

Interested in writing a chapter in a PowerShell book?
I was intrigued and read on.

A Conference in a Book

There was more to this book than just writing about PowerShell though. Mike was suggesting that a group of wonderful PowerShell experts (Here’s a Twitter list) got together and created a conference in a book.

The book is designed as a conference in a book where each chapter is written independently with content similar to what you would present in a 45 minute presentation.

That’s a neat idea, people who couldn’t come to one of the conferences would be able to get an experience a little bit like attending a conference but in book form.

OK there would be no networking, evening entertainment or instance responses to questions but a bundle of useful information that you can take with you and read anywhere.

It’s All For Charity

(I hope older UK viewers read that in this voice 🙂 )

The bit that clinched it for me was this though

We’re donating all of the royalties from the book to the DevOps Collective Scholarship program https://leanpub.com/causes/devopscollective.

All the money raised by buying this book will go to the DevOps Collective OnRamp Scholarship program.

This scholarship provides

  • ticket to PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit OnRamp track specifically designed for entry-level professionals
  • five nights lodging
  • domestic airfare
  • buddy programme
and half of the slots are reserved for under-represented groups.
I really approve of this idea, without the help and support of the SQL and PowerShell technical communities I would not be where I am today and this will help to bring other people in at an early stage in their career. I am proud that I can give a little back.

Fabulous Editors

So I said yes.

I then had to sit down and write some words. I wrote about how we created dbachecks, the challenges we faced and how we overcame them.

One of my biggest challenges was writing in the wrong English! The book is written in American English and there are zeds where there should be esses and missing u’s in words! My spell checker was covered in red squiggles! The second challenge was getting the code to fit the column limit for the book. I show a lot of the AST code that we use to validate that dbachecks code will work correctly and it doesnt split to 80 characters very easily.

Luckily I had 3 wonderful, patient editors to help me with all of this. Mike Robbins , Michael T Lombardi and Jeff Hicks each helped me to make the chapter read more fluently, make sense and be spelled correctly!

Thank you very much you three for all the work you have put into this book.

Help Yourself and Others

If you want to attend a PowerShell conference in book form, want 30 chapters of fabulous PowerShell material and want to help grow and diversify our industry then look no further you can get the book here



You can also find all of the authors twitters and websites below, You should go and see what they are sharing there as well.

Author Website
Mike F Robbins https://mikefrobbins.com
Jeff Hicks https://jdhitsolutions.com
Michael Lombardi https://appoint.ly/t/michaeltlombardi
Adam Murry https://tikabu.com.au/blog/
Anthony Nocentino http://www.centinosystems.com
Brandon Olin https://devblackops.io
Brian Bunke https://www.brianbunke.com
Don Jones https://donjones.com
Doug Finke https://dfinke.github.io
Emin Atac https://p0w3rsh3ll.wordpress.com
Fred Weinmann https://allthingspowershell.blogspot.com
Graham Beer https://graham-beer.github.io
Irwin Strachan https://pshirwin.wordpress.com
James Petty https://scriptautomaterepeat.com
Jeremy Murrah https://murrahjm.github.io
Justin Sider https://invoke-automation.blog
Luc Dekens http://www.lucd.info
Mark Kraus https://get-powershellblog.blogspot.com
Mark Wragg https://wragg.io
Mike Kanakos https://www.networkadm.in
Mike Shepard https://powershellstation.com
Patrick Gruenauer https://sid-500.com
Prateek Singh https://ridicurious.com
Rob Pleau https://ephos.github.io
Thomas Lee https://tfl09.blogspot.com
Thomas Rayner https://workingsysadmin.com
Thom Schumacher https://powershellposse.com
Tim Curwick https://MadWithPowerShell.com
Tim Warner https://timwarnertech.com
Tommy Maynard https://tommymaynard.com
Tore Groneng https://asaconsultant.blogspot.com
Wesley Kirkland https://wesleyk.me