Instances and Ports with PowerShell

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When you know a server name but not the name of the instances or the ports that they are using this function will be of use

Shows the Instances and the Port Numbers on a SQL Server

This function will show the Instances and the Port Numbers on a SQL Server using WMI

The Server Name

Get-SQLInstancesPort Fade2Black

This will display the instances and the port numbers on the server Fade2Black
AUTHOR: Rob Sewell
DATE: 22/04/2015

function Get-SQLInstancesPort {

    param ([string]$Server)

    $mc = new-object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Wmi.ManagedComputer $Server
    $Instances = $mc.ServerInstances

    foreach ($Instance in $Instances) {
        $port = @{Name = "Port"; Expression = {$_.ServerProtocols['Tcp'].IPAddresses['IPAll'].IPAddressProperties['TcpPort'].Value}}
        $Parent = @{Name = "Parent"; Expression = {$_.Parent.Name}}
        $Instance|Select $Parent, Name, $Port

4 thoughts on “Instances and Ports with PowerShell

  1. Rob,

    How could you modify this script to pull in named instance name or name for default instance?

    Ex. ServerName\InstanceName
    Computer Name

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