What Runs on the SQL Server when you run a PowerShell script?–Question from #SQLRelay

Last week I ran a PowerShell lab at SQL Relay in Cardiff. There are still a few places available for SQL Relay week 2. Take a look here for more details and follow the twitter hashtag #SQLRelay for up to date information

The link for my slides and demos from the second part are here https://t.co/Fik2odyUMA

Whilst we were discussing Show-LastDatabaseBackup Kev Chant @KevChant asked where it was getting the information from and I answered that PowerShell was running SQL commands under the hood against the server and if you ran profiler that is what you would see. We didn’t have time to do that in Cardiff but I thought I would do it today to show what happens

A reminder of what Show-LastDatabaseBackup function does


If we start a trace with Profiler and run this function we get these results in PowerShell


In Profiler we see that it is running the following T-SQL for




and then for








And for




So the answer to your question Kev is

Yes it does get the information from the msdb database

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