Showing and Killing SQL Server Processes with PowerShell

Another post in the PowerShell Box of Tricks series. There are much better ways of doing this I admit but as you can do it with PowerShell I created a function to do it.

Create a Server Object and notice that there is a Method named EnumProcesses by piping it to Get-Member and then look at the Properties and Methods of EnumProcesses


Once I had done that then it was easy to create a function to display what is going on. It’s quick and easy. Not as good as sp_WhoIsActive but it displays about the same info as sp_who, sp_who2



You can also find a Method called KillProcess on the Server Property so I asked a Yes/No question using Windows Forms. You can find much more detail on that here


All you need to supply is the spid

The code is here Show-SQLProcesses


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