Checking Drive Sizes with PowerShell

I have developed a series of PowerShell functions over time which save me time and effort whilst still enabling me to provide a good service to my customers.  I call it my PowerShell Box of Tricks and this is another post in the series.

Todays question which I often get asked is How much space is free on the drive?

A question often asked by developers during development and by DBAs when looking at provisioning new databases so I use this simple function to return the drive sizes using a WMI call with PowerShell

I first write the date out to the console with the Server name as I found that useful to show how much space had been freed when archiving data. Then a WMI query and a bit of maths and output to the console. The /1GB converts the drive size to something meaningful and you can see how the PercentFree is calculated from the two values using “{0:P2}”


Call it like this


and here are the results from my Azure VM. (See My previous posts on how to create your own Azure VMs with PowerShell)


You can find the script below

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