SQL Server Operators and Notifications with Powershell – Strange Enumerate issue fixed by @napalmgram

Alerting of issues across the SQL Server estate is important and recently I needed to audit the operators and the notifications that they were receiving.

I created a SQL Server Object


One of the important things to remember when investigating SMO is the Get-Member cmdlet. This will show all methods and properties of the object

gave me the JobServer Property

includes the Operator Property


has the EnumJobNotifications and EnumNotifications methods

So it was easy to loop through each server in the servers.txt file and enumerate the notifications for each Operator


and create a simple report

However this does not work as it does not perform the second enumerate. Try it yourself, switch round the EnumJobNotifications and EnumNotifications methods in that script and see what happens.

So I ended up with two functions


and I thought I could do this


But that doesnt work

So I tried this


and that doesnt work either

Now the reports are coming out showing the correct number of lines but not displaying them. I spent a period of time on my Azure boxes trying to work a way around this. I set the outputs to both enums to a variable and noted that they are different type of objects.


Job Notifications are System.Object and Alert Notifications are System.Array

I tried to enumerate through each member of the array and display them but got too tired to finish but I had contacted my friend Stuart Moore Twitter | Blog who had a look and resolved it by simply piping the Enumerates to Format-Table. Thank you Stuart.

So the final script is as follows


and the script is

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